About us

FACOTEC is born from the vision of a human team committed to joining the production and marketing of work clothes, with a different vision.

We understood from the first moment what the challenge of joining in this field means, so our work is based on the method of continuous improvement.

Our work philosophy is not only to give quality to our products, but to please our customers, having as ally the current technology. We implement new waterproof, wind and water resistant fabrics, with laboratory certification. We enjoy the support of important Peruvian and foreign companies that allow us to offer quality and guarantee. Likewise, we have highly qualified personnel to make the garments, and consequently our works and designs are always to the taste and exigency of each client.


Offer the best in industrial clothing, relying on the quality you always need.


We have the vision to grow nationally and internationally with an agile, warm and reliable service.

What we want

What we want to provide the best clothes for your safety in the industry. We use the best materials for well-being.